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12 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthy And Happy

Being in a relationship and being healthy, happy is not an easy thing, and just being in a relationship and being happy in that relationship are two different things. But the thing is healthy lovers know how to take ups and downs, how to walk in the rain and under the sun. With these 12 tips you will know how to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

relationship healthy happy


The most precious and important gift you can give your partner is your time and attention. If you want a healthy and happy relationship, no matter how busy you are you need to start giving your partner the time and attention he or she needs. Spending quality time together builds intimacy, bond.


The second thing on this list is communication. Research has shown that communication is more important than commitments, personality or misunderstanding in predicting which lovers will stay happy. Healthy lovers don’t avoid disputes, but they know exactly how to keep the communication thread open. Healthy lovers understand best conversation is the one without the distraction of phones, tablets etc.


Saying “thank you” and “please” when you are wrong should not be absent in the relationship. Manners are important; it does not matter if you have been together for a decade or more. Make polite requests, have polite conversations because they will cultivate the habit of mutual respect. A little drop of water can create an ocean, little issues you think don’t matter can grow into a wild fire.

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Boring relationship can lead to so many unwanted things. Switching roles once in a while will not only make the relationship healthy but it remove any form of anxieties. If she cooks always why not try out the meals he can cook. This will make you appreciate things from your partner’s perspective. At times let her play daddy role and you play mommy role, it is fun and it strengthens relationship.


As you spend more time or grow with your partner, you may be quick to point out flaws in each other. But, if you want your happy relationship to last, you should never mention the stretch marks, the wrinkles or the bald head! No matter how time you spend together or how old you both get, the answer to “How do I look?” is always: “You look beautiful as ever or as handsome as I met you”.


Loyalty, they say is priceless! This is one of the ways to show your loyalty and commitment to your relationship. Reminding your man or woman that you’re on his side, most especially when he is going through hard time, will help strengthen the bond you share as a couple, and this will make him feel more secure in the relationship.

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As simple this may look it goes a long way. This three words should not be reserved for special occasions or birthdays. In fact this is something you should say every day because this will help to build your partner’s self-esteem and self-worth.


You don’t always have to be “why on earth would you do that or how could you be so dump” when your partner is trying to improve, work on manners or perhaps your partner is trying to make you happy, do something you like. Instead let your partner know you appreciate the effort, this will make him or her feel valued, loved, and he will be excited to do more of it. Don’t just on her flaws, appreciate the right things your partner does. There is nothing bad in saying “Thank you” after washing the dish or after doing the cooking.


Many relationships today fail to get to their promised because of pride, ego. This phrase will save many relationships if couples learn to use it often. Learn to say sorry when you are wrong instead of sweeping it under the carpet or telling your partner to get over it.

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Walking together or exercising together boosts intimacy and bond in a relationship. Research shows that couples who exercise, walk or stroll together are not only healthier, but will feel sexy and in love.

walk together
Couples Walking Together


There is a popular saying “families that eat together, stay together.” The dining table is another setting for you to connect and receive nourishment.


Never go to bed angry but do sleep on argument. If you have any misunderstanding or disagreement during the day, do not discuss it when you are tired or when you sense he or she had hectic day. Set out time to discuss your issues, iron it out.


The virtue of true love is not to love the perfect person, but to love the imperfect perfectly – Unknown


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