make your man happy

15 Sure Ways To Make Your Man Happy

Now that you have found this special man, how do you make him happy? We are not saying that men are high maintenance, but you must be aware that men think differently from women and, despite rumors to the opposite, they need more than one healthy love life to keep them happy. Therefore, if you are looking for happiness in the long run, read these 15 sure ways to make your man happy and keep him close.


make your man happy

1. Keep Nagging Away

Our first tip on how to make your man happy is – do not nag him. Men let discomfort go in from one ear and let it out on another, but they take note of it. If you want to expel your man from your life, nagging him is a guaranteed way to make him unhappy. If you would hear it, explain your concerns logically and, hopefully, he will try to comply or understand.

2. Listen to him when he needs your help

Men do not open up easily, when he tells you that he needs your advice or help, it must be important. Be there for him when he needs to talk about something, if it was not important, he would not ask you for advice.

3. Show your affection

Another good to way to make your man happy is to show your affection. It’s easily overlooked, but it’s still very important. Showing your affection makes him feel comfortable, loved, cherished. Small things like holding his hand while walking or resting your head on his shoulder. Men are really very insecure, behind all their “machismo” and simple affirmations of your love will mean a lot to him.

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4. Give him a boost

Men also like praise, so do not forget to tell him when he has made an effort to look good. You can increase his self-esteem by noting the effort and shining pride of having noticed, he will be more inclined to try harder next time!

5. Make him feel safe

While men can have high egos, they are also really fragile when it comes to issues of the heart. They feel easily threatened and enter a dangerous shell. Prevent him from feeling bad in the right way and he will love you more.

6. Be His Best Buddy

Being a good friend of your man is as important to him as being his lover. Being reliable and trustworthy are traits he will really appreciate, and these are more important to him than all you have to offer.

7. Surprise him sometimes

You do not have to wait until your man takes the initiative, you do it yourself. Treat him sometimes to special gifts or surprise night outings. Keeping relationship interesting will help him to stay happy and interested. Boredom is one of the biggest killers of relationship, so it’s the little surprise you make for him that will keep him relationship fresh and special.

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8. Never Down His family

Even if you or your man do not approve of how his mother did certain things, do not worry about it. Your man will lose respect for you if you bad mouth his loved ones, so just make suggestions on how to make things better.
9. Resolve Conflicts Without Insults

Learn how to resolve conflicts without insults, complaints and screams. Be persuasive in a quiet conversation.
10. Create romantic moments

Periodically, create romantic moments without a serious conversation. Simply enjoy your man’s company. You don’t always have to wait for him to be the one creating romantic moments.

11. Do Not Be His Shadow

Let him be a man, give him space, he needs it to be happy. He will sometimes want to go out with friends and do some manly things. Give him space to do it or he will feel trapped and unhappy. Men need to affirm their masculinity at times, as much as you need to do feminine things.

12. Your Appearance Matters

Be a charming and elegant woman that is a center of attention of all. Standout wherever you are and he will really appreciate the One above for giving him a woman who can take the air out of any room you she walks into!

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13. Defend Your Man

If your man is stuck or helpless, step into the war zone and fight for him. Do not be surprised if you see your man’s eyes with tears of happiness to find an amazing woman like you.

14. Commend Him In Front Of Others

When the woman of her life shows appreciation for him in front of others, he will be grateful and happy to have someone to support and defend him.

15. Give him respect

We all need respect. You are in love, it is easy to talk stupidly or to slaughter your man while joking, but be careful to draw the line. Never ridicule or put down in public. Let him know that you respect him even if you pull his leg from time to time.

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