A Guy Mistakenly Kissed Me And He Broke Up With Me – Sarah Shares Her Love Story (Part 1- Audio Included)


A guy mistakenly kissed me and my boyfriend whom i loved so dearly broke up with me.
I just want to talk about my love story, my experience and all. Ok! Hmmmm! I am going to start from when I was… Ok just let me start this way. I have never had someone to love so much, I have just been playing around until 2014, I have been playing guys and I can actually tell 20 guys I love them it does not remove a string of hair from my body. It’s not as if I truly love them, just teasing and cajoling them, if necessary get some things from them. Until late 2013 I met this guy, that was when I got an admission to my school. He’s more of a disciplined, strict, and brilliant guy.

I started falling in love with him, when he asked me out, it was so strict like “will you love me or not bla bla bla” and I was like hmmm ok I will try and love you. He is very intelligent and one thing about me is I fall in love with intelligent guys. So his intelligence attracted me and it’s not as if he was this handsome but he was brilliant. We started dating and everything went on nice!

With him I started learning things, languages, how life is and I started seeing things through him. I learnt how to be independent, and he…………. anyway this guy taught me a lot. I fell in love more with him. Although sex with him was ok but the fact that I don’t like sex, it’s just a normal thing to me and you know I have to satisfy my boyfriend and it went on like that. We shared a lot of things, he bought me gifts……… Did I even buy gift on his birthday? I can’t remember but we shared a lot of things. I get to sleep over at his place, he would come to mine and yea we became best of friends. We did go to each other’s place for sleep over it was just fun like that.

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Things were going on fine until he told me he got a scholarship to study abroad. Omg! I felt so heartbroken like how am I going to cope? How am I going to do this? How am I going to do that? We started talking about it day and night , but the more we talk the more the days became nearer and nearer until I guess a day before he left, we had to stay up all night to talk and talk, tell each other secrets we have been holding onto till the day break. We said so much and promised each other so many things. Here comes the D-day #sigh I saw him off to the airport, though his family are not in Lagos, they stay in Ibadan that’s why they could not come to Lagos to see him off. My best friend and I had to go to the airport together, we played, make jest of some people that wore matching outfit singing and playing drums just because they wanted to see one of their family off. The part that wasn’t fun was when he wanted to leave. I almost cried, but I vowed not to cry whenever he was going so I tried not to cry when he was there. On getting to the bus I started crying omg……..

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So three days after, he contacted us that he got there safely and trying to settle down. We started talking though it did not feel like before, didn’t feel like when he was here…….. Before I dated him, I loved distance in a relationship but when he left I hated distance because apart from the trust and doubts, it’s so annoying whereby you feel like seeing your guy and you just can’t see him because it’s not a journey you can just embark on at any time and it’s not easy to do.

We started having misunderstandings, quarrels and sometimes we would not talk to each other for close to two weeks. But later I would just be like” babe calm down” then I’ll just go to settle things with him online. We kept on doing this for over a year and going to two years. But due to distance and all I had to…… There was another guy asking me out then, but I had to make us become friends and we got close though he had his own intentions but on this fateful day, he mistakenly kissed me. Omg!!!!!!!! I did not know what to do I told my friends, they said I shouldn’t tell my boyfriend and at the same time I like this guy a little bit. But I want to be honest with my boyfriend, so I got into a state of confusion. WHAT WILL I DO?……………. To be continued!

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