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Does This Mean He Likes Me, Should I Make A Move? – Felicity

I really need your advice on this because I am not sure if he likes me or not, may be or may be not to make a move.

I am regularly having lunch with a previous boss, he has helped me above and beyond in the past. I asked him out for coffee a few months after he left to thank him for his help. He was very nervous (so was I) but I didn’t expect to enjoy his company so much. He is, I believe very shy, introverted, socially anxious or on the spectrum. He is definitely not the touching type. His body language has always been hands in pockets etc. He is incredibly smart, possibly the smartest man I have come across.

make a move

When we go out I find we talk about everything. I find him rather fascinating and he always seems very interested in what I talk about. I worked with him quite closely for a few years and never really learned a lot about him and never touched him. After the first time we caught up, I think we were both surprised how much fun we had, and we continued to catch up every few weeks when our schedules allow for it. He is very thoughtful in subtle ways. For example, when I was disappointed about missing out on breakfast muffins one day, the following time he took me to a place that sold them all day and told me he couldn’t have me miss out on muffins. Other examples are remembering throwaway comments on my preferences and always accommodating them. I really like him. I think about him all the time.

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He has never said no to catching up with me unless completely unavoidable. He recently told me he really enjoys when I come and see him and he seems to be quite happy to see me. He sometimes seems very nervous or distracted and walks very fast, but most of the time, or as soon as he realises it he walks slowly beside me matching my pace and looking in my eyes. His eye contact is great with me and with others it’s terrible. I have recently broken the touch barrier I had with him and although he didn’t return touch he didn’t move away. He has shouted me lunch a few times in a row and when I email him I get replies very fast. I want to make a move but very unsure of his reaction. I would prefer to only be friends with him than scare him away. I’m so incredibly frustrated. Does he like me or not?

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