Good And Amazing Ladies Still Exist – Mr Joshua Says


Good and amazing ladies still exist – Mr Joshua says

Firstly, before I share my love story with the readers of this blog, I would like to say thank you to the creator of this website. I mean this is a nice platform and it’s a good one. My name is Joshua and I would like to share with the readers of this blog how she’s been amazing since we met.

There are no good ladies anywhere in this country especially in the city has been what I have been hearing since I was in primary school. I used to believe it though but not after I met Adaeze. I was just coming from an interview that hot afternoon, actually it rained in the morning and the sun was more like hell on heart. I was walking silently beside the road when she splashed water on my trouser; she came down immediately and used her handkerchief to wipe my trouser, “I’m really sorry. Where are you going?” she said. I got into her car the following minutes and we quickly got acquainted. At the end of the road we exchanged contact after I explained my situations to her, about the interview I went for. She promised to help me anyway she can and in a month we got even more close. She is an amazing lady, ambitious, honest, a great cook too.

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In two months she helped me get a work in a company though the pay was not much but I was doing fine with it, actually she told me to manage that for a while that she would try a better one but she could not do that because I already got connections which got me my dream work. After a year I developed strong feelings for her and I was scared to tell her at first because I thought she would reject me and fortunately she was feeling same for me. We got married year 2016 and we are blessed with two kids now and she never stopped been amazing and supportive. I’m really gad I met her, because without her I think the story would be different.
To every amazing and good lady out there keep it up.

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