How I Lost A Golden Woman To Pride, Shyness

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My name is Benjamin, and this is how I lost a golden woman, my rib to  pride and shyness. It wa a horrible thing but I hope you learn from it.

golden woman

It was a very sunny Saturday afternoon and I could not help the situation but to rest for a while at my friend’s place. I was there for not more than 20 minutes when I saw this beautiful short lady passing by. I could hardly breathe, her beauty was astonishing but I had a problem then – I could not talk to a girl. Call it shyness but I would call it lack of courage or even both.
I really liked her so much, for this reason I had to talk to my friend to talk to her on my behalf. M y friend talked to her but the lady, after what seemed like a week said I should come confront her myself. Then the problem began. The first time we met I could hardly look up to her face, in fact I did not look at her at all but lucky me the lady liked me.
After some days she said yes even when she knew what she would face – shy type. We began dating but she never enjoyed it for once. She was like the man in the relationship because I was a shy type and I could barely look her face. I can remember clearly I don’t think we kissed more than once. On my birthday, the first and the last we had together, she came bringing gifts, fully dressed in her best outfit but I spoilt her happiness – the way I treated her was bad, I told my friend to tell her I went out even when I thought she saw me.
This lady was very caring, loving, beautiful she just had it all. This act kept going and at a point I started maltreating this lady. I would see her coming and I would just walk pass her till now I cannot really say what came over me then. This lady tried all her possible best but it was like she was not doing anything because pride later came over me. There was even a particular day I told her to go, she cried and begged me as if she was the one at fault. After some months when she could no longer cope she broke up with me. It was nothing because I did not feel it that time.
To cut the long story short, the lady I dated after her was a direct opposite of her. Then I realized I had lost a queen, my golden woman. I went back for her but she was already in love with another man. I wished I could undo what has been done.

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My lesson – Never take someone who truly loves you for granted.

That is my love story and I truly hope you learn from it!

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