ideal man

How I Lost My Ideal Man To Ignorance

ideal man

My name is Loveth, and I’m about to tell you one of my love stories about how I lost my ideal man to ignorance
It was early Sunday morning when I saw this guy, though we have been seeing before then because we were in the same school. But it never occurred to that he had interest in me and that he was that handsome. He approached me and we exchanged pleasantries, his smiles were so cute that I got lost somehow because I was not hearing him anymore I was lost in imagination of his smiles. He introduced himself properly and then started talking about what he felt.
After what seemed like 40 minutes I told him I would be late for church that we should probably meet other times. He asked for my phone number and I was not reluctant to give him and he gave me his own, too.

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Throughout my stay in church I could not stop thinking about him.” He’s cute, dark, he’s handsome in fact he has everything I want in a man for now” I said to myself in my imagination world. After the church I found myself walking down where he was living but unfortunately I could not see him. After a week we were already dating. So fast? You might want to say that but it was not at all.

Our relationship period he was very caring, loving, he did not cheat, he was proud of me, in fact I felt like on top of the world. Then after some months I don’t know what got into me I started misbehaving. I guess it was due to the influence of bad friends. Despite the bad attitude I started portraying he stood by me, he believed I could change. But one thing happened that capped my bad attitude and that thing made him stop believing in me. I started seeing his friend not really because I loved the friend but as I said earlier I can’t say what got into me. He was so sad and mad when he heard this, he approached me and I said yea. He left heart broken, disappointed in both of us, me and his friend.

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After what seemed like a month with Paul, the name of the friend I lost interest in him and it was then I realized I had lost the ideal man for me. I dated Paul not because I did not love him but I can’t really say what happened. I went back begging but he said he moved on already. The annoying part was Paul was not romantic, not cute, he had thick voice… I made a mistake. Every day of my life I still remember that lesson and I learn from it.

This is one of my love stories, there are still many to tell. I hope you learn from this. Never take anyone you love and anyone who loves you back for granted.

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I lost my ideal man

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