after breaking up

How To Move On After Breaking Up

Moving on after breaking up is not something easy, in fact it feels like committing suicide most especially a relationship which you gave so much to, a relationship you were so committed.
You don’t have to cry so hard after a break up. Below are tips to make you move on with your life after breaking up.

after breaking up

Pretend He/She Is Dead

Pretend he is dead. You just mourn the loss and move on. Don’t call or text him or check any of his or her social media because you wouldn’t do that to a dead person. Also, erase everything that reminds you of him her. You need to adhere to the basic principles. You want someone who wants you back. If you want someone who doesn’t want you back that makes you odd. Why be there for someone who isn’t there for you? Internalize this and you will be able to look elsewhere for happiness. Stop this whole “there will be no one else like him or her” mentality. You can find someone else better. The truth is anyone who is there for you is automatically better than your ex.

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Deal With It Mentally

Don’t try to avoid or distract yourself without dealing with it mentally. Take some time to think through things and do some sort of mental exercise to help you lay your thoughts out (I personally do dear statements i.e “dear ex, I don’t know why I still love you after all this time… etc.”) then go do something that makes you happy or feel good could be reading a book or watching your favourite movie.

Stop Doing Things That Remind You of Him or Her

This is not the best time you want to keep reminiscing the lovely moments you had together. This is not the best time to visit the places you went together could be a beach, movies, club. If need be you can delete pictures of him or her on your phone or PC etc. You must understand that this is not enslaving yourself but freeing yourself from unnecessary heartache.

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Give Other People Chance in Your Life

Don’t be hung up on one person. Meet new guys, meet new ladies but mostly live a full life that you love that is not based on another person for happiness. It’s all about getting your mind off him, which will be hard but not impossible.
Spend More Time with Family

When everyone leaves you, your family will be there to give you solace. Heartbreak can be traumatic and what you need is to get over it – spending time with family can help you achieve that. Your family will make you feel loved.

Give Another Person The Chance to Love You.

After you have done all these, the last of it all is to give another person the chance to love you. You don’t have to be bent on all guys are the same or all ladies are the same. This is actually a lie we comport ourselves with. Give love a chance but make sure you look thoroughly before you leap, don’t because of you have to be in a relationship as soon as possible go into a wrong one.

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That is all…. I hope you learnt from it.
Kindly drop your comments below and tell us your experiences on moving on after breaking up.

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