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I Am A Man Who Believes In One Man, One Woman But Not After This Incidence – Says Man

I write this with can I say agony or with comfort? I can’t even say but I think we will find out when I take my hands off this board.

I am a man who believes in one man, one woman thing but not after this incidence. I was in a relationship with this lady and everything was just going fine with us. I supported her in every way I could and no one would see us then and see a fault in us it was so perfect.

She lives in Abuja and I do not live there but no month ends without me at least seeing her twice. On her birthday I left work to spend the week with her; I showed her great love, affection and care and these feelings and emotions were visible to her blind.

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Since we were flawless I decided to pay her dowry. We did introduction and I collected the dowry list from the family. So, we started planning… or let me say I started planning towards the wedding.

I started making plans little did I know that as I was busy making this plan she had another thing in mind. The preparation was very heavy and I imagined being a married man soon. One day she called saying “I don’t think the wedding can hold, the Lord has not spoken to me about it”, hearing that almost made me run mad; I begged her multiple times, told her we should go see a pastor together but she refused which even made me think maybe she had another person in mind. I was almost running mad because of this. I left work to go see her may be we could sort it out but did not work out. I tried everything I could but it was all in vain. I talked to her friends none of them could make it work.

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To cut the long story short till this very moment I find it hard to be with a woman; in fact I will be sincere here I have nothing less than 3 girlfriends. I am not a coward but I will not allow the same thing re-occur in my life never.

Having 3 girlfriends doesn’t make the pains go away it’s just a way to make me feel a bit better and forget the pains. Now I find it hard trusting ladies. I hope someone who will take the belief away come my way because I am due for marriage and I can’t just seem to go for it.
Well, that’s little I want you to know…. Did I tell you my name?
I guess not….. You can call me Emeka.

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