love at first sight

I Never Believed In Love At First Sight Until I Met Her

love at first sight

Since I was a kid I have been hearing love at first sight but never for once have I believed it or even try to give it a thorough consideration that it could be possible. She was so deep in the crowd and I was just a normal guy murdering my bottles of beer somewhere close to the exit of the party. My ears eyes were like something going to desert the sockets, my ears stood firm and if a pin was dropped I would definitely hear it because everything else was just dead to me. She was a bit far from where I was but I found a way to get close as a sharp guy, you know. Very beautiful, clean, her accent was not of this country, it was foreign. The place was noisy we could barely hear each other because of the loud music, so I just had to make her come out so we could talk and get to know each other better. Not everyone would agree to that but in a way I cannot explain she agreed to have a chit chat with me.

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We talked for long and it felt like we have been friends for long, and I could not help but fall in love with this angel. Come on! Girls of these days cannot even start a conversation with a guy and even if a guy is engaging them in a conversation they give boring replies – not all of them though. But this babe was a cute orator.

I promised to make her mine, I would do my best to make her mine. We exchanged number and from there we got closer. As God will have she just left her boyfriend – they broke up actually. I still wonder why a guy would leave or cheat on a girl like that because since the day I met her till this very moment I have not had a regret.

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Mary changed my view and I am very glad I met her. I now believe in love at first sight – I can say I have joined the league of those who have experience it . oh! Did I forget to add we started dating a month after? Now you know!

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