“I Thought It Was Not Going To Be Over, So I Stepped Out For Other Ladies” – Stephen (Audio Included)

So, I was just surfing the internet when I stumbled upon this website and I felt I should drop one of my love stories since I have a lot. To begin with my name is Stephen, I am in my final year in one of the universities in this country.


My girl Martha by name and I had a serious clash and I thought it was not going to be over, so I stepped out for other ladies. Before I checked out for other ladies I was already tired of her, she derived so much pleasure in quarrels, nagging and violent acts. I tried so many times talking to her as her boyfriend, brother, uncle but she would not listen. So, I talked to one of my crushes Ruth, God so good we started dating almost immediately. It was like as if she was waiting for me to come ask her out. I meant the world to her, I could see the love, happiness all over her and to be frank I loved her too beyond any doubt.
Things were moving fine between us, she introduced me to her friends and by coincidence I met her uncle because it was not planned.

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Months later Martha came saying we should settle, I was not expecting that and this lady already met my family, friends and I can even say she had everything in her hands. I was confused because I did not tell Ruth about her. The time where I had to choose came. I loved both of them but I was already feeling comfortable with Ruth. They were both nice ladies and my old times with Martha were drawing her to me. You know those feelings, memories were already there but finally I chose Ruth. She was a very loyal, cool, gentle and less violent unlike Martha. Martha was also loyal but some things spoilt her.

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So, that was it. Ruth and I are still together till today stronger than yesterday and I have not had any regret since I chose her.

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