green snake

I Thought She Was Different But She Was Just Another Green Snake (Part 1)

green snake

i seriously thought she was different, that i have found something priceless but at the end she was just another green snake.

The story began in one of the classes I attended in 200 level, she came to class that faithful day looking cute and that was actually the first time I saw her in class, though I have seen her afar off campus once or twice perhaps more I can’t remember but that day was the first time seeing her so close. My heart leapt seeing her but as a guy who does not fancy cheating I just liked and admired her nothing more but I made sure I got close to her, one way I got her number and we became friends, not really tight friends though but I would stop to say hi when walking around her place.

It continued like that for months, on a normal day if I was not in a relationship I would have expressed myself to her and not even that the relationship I was then was promising but at least we were still together trying to work things out. Eventually the relationship crashed but I won’t be giving account of that in this story.

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A year and some months later I told this lady how I felt and it took weeks before she finally said yea. We had a kiss that day and that was like the best I ever had even though I kissed many times before that. It was like a dream come true because I truly loved this girl in a way I can’t express. She told me some stories about her exes, which were really sad and I felt bad about it, I promised her to be a better man for her. I really meant it!

The relationship continued but not in a way I expected with her I must confess, she was not giving her best at all and she mentioned it though that she won’t give her best not with what she’s has been through with guys, I understood her considering what she told me about her ex. She told me with time the love would grow and she would get to love me the best way. That gave me a sense of belonging with me, like a feeling she wanted to be with me and I promised myself I would love her in a way nobody ever did. I meant it! I hope you understand it’s natural for me to feel this way considering how much I loved her.

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She was loving I must say but still yet I could still feel her holding back. I tried to love her, I loved her perfectly. We had moments together which I thought would last forever because I was not going to leave her. I knew clash do occur in a relationship which is natural but I promised to always make it work with her and I hope you can still sense how much I loved her. And the truth is not that she had the most beautiful face, or the most perfect body and she was not the tallest in the room but to me she was a queen, the prettiest ever! Words can’t describe exactly how I pictured in my heart. It was flawless and priceless. …

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To be continued……. Soon!!

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