love of my life

“I Want The Love Of My Life Back, Please Help” – Lady Cries Out

I want the love of my life back and nothing more. My boyfriend and I have been together for five years and recently we had issue and I said awful things to him.

love of my life

After realizing what I did I started begging him. I have done everything I can to make him see I am very sorry but he mind is made up. He won’t pick my calls nor returns messages.

I really pushed him and I am just realizing I was not fair with him. He’s been holding up with my attitudes for long. Not that I did not love him or I cheated on him, no, I did not just my characters. I am ready to change for good and he said he had enough. He is the love of my life and I can’t imagine a beautiful life without him.

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I tried to go visit him but he would not let me see him. I tried so hard I could not.

I sent his brother to him but he said even his late dad won’t talk him out of it. I know I fucked up but I just wish I can get a second chance.

What should I do?

Please help me safe my relationship.

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