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If He Did Anything Wrong He Would Send Money To My Account – Teniola Narrates

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Since it’s proper to start with introduction, I will just start with my name which is Teniola. I’m a graduate and in my late twenties. I just want to talk about this guy who I have been in a long time relationship with. This guy is loving, caring and he’s good but also a busy one. He barely has free time and to be sincere I have been doing fine with it until recently I started drifting away from him.

It all began when if he did anything wrong he would send money to my account, he knows my account number so he does not need to ask for it. I was not observant of this but later when it became so clear I did not need to pay attention anymore because it was now very obvious. I am not from a rich family neither am I from a poor one, it’s annoying seeing my boyfriend sending me money anytime he offends me. Is he trying to buy my love or what? He does not need to do that – send money to my account anytime he offends me

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With this attitude I got very bored of him and I feel he is choking me and don’t know what to do. I have tried in the times pass to let him go but he would cry and cry, begging me to just accept him. If I don’t pick his calls he will come knocking at my door because he knows very well where I live. I wish there is a way I can make him go without hurting his feelings because I really don’t want to hurt his feelings. I am just tired of him, his love and everything about him. i need space.

There was a time I tried making him see there are pretty girl more than me around him but he won’t just look there. I am just confused.

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