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Is There Anything Wrong With Me? Please Help!

anything wrong with

Hello readers of
My name is Raphael, this is not a love story but my journey so far in love and it’s a call for help. Is there anything wrong?

I’m a guy in my late twenties and since I started dating love has never being fair to me. I love truly, I’m affectionate, I care about my partner, I don’t cheat, I show them love but despite all these I still get heartbroken. Over and over I check if the fault is always from me from the past relationships I have had the faults were not from me. I have had upto 6 relatiobships and none of them worked out. I examined closely my past relationship for me to be sure of this. Every relationship I have been into I have not been loved the way I loved.

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Right now I am doubting if this is spiritual or is just that good guys get treated bad. I feel terribly bad about this and I don’t know what to believe anymore. The last relationship I had is the reason I’m crying out loud now. I showed her love more than I ever showed anyone and one day she walked up to me and said she’s no longer interested. It’s not I’m a bad guy or I treated her bad, she just wanted out.

Please, is there anything wrong with me, is there anyone here going through the same? Is it natural for good guys get treated badly? Is it bad for just being good? Is this natural? Is this spiritual? Is it that I have not really seen my rib that’s the reason for all these? Is there anyone who has been through same? How did you survive it? Those are the questions running through my mind now and I’m confused because it’s affecting other parts of my life.

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