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How Keeping Secret Relationship Broke My Heart Terribly

My name is George, and I’m about to take you on a journey how keeping secret relationship from everybody, both friends and enemies ruined my heart, broke my heart terribly

keeping secret reationship.

I met this Lady this week she packed to the area and I was among the people she got acquainted with because I was very friendly and I was a very calm guy. Fast forward to the part where I professed my love to her. It was really hard getting her to agree to date me but she had no choice because I was very consistent and at the same time single. But she gave one condition which I should never have taken “we will keep this a secret” that condition was not really hard for me to accept because I was so in love with her. Then we started our relationship. At first it was really cool there was nothing like clash or misunderstanding. Besides, the reason I agreed to keeping the relationship a secret was because she once dated my friend and they broke up so I thought it would be uninteresting if people get to know easily that we together. This idea that people should not know was what enslaved me in the relationship. People started seeing us together often and her very close friend started poking nose to what does not concern her at all she started giving her guys like suggesting guys she should date to her because she felt we were dating and when she asked her she said we not together, so to prove we not together she gave her guys to date. She was strong at first trying to let her friend know she does not need a boyfriend but the friend started taking her out to see her boyfriend almost every time. This lasted for some weeks perhaps month then she gave in to her friend’s advice. I had no idea she was seeing another guy already because she was still loving as she used to. Then all of a sudden I started seeing changes in her words, her actions, lies sprang up, she gave unnecessary excuses. She would just go out without telling anyone in fact she was so lost in it that she confronted and said she’s dating another person. It was really a painful experience though but from since then I learned my lesson never to keep a relationship secret, at least your friends should know.

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