lady sheds tears

Lady Sheds Tears As She Narrates Her Ordeal In Hands Of The Man She Loved (Audio)

A lady sheds tears as she could not hold herself back when narrating her ordeal in the hands of the man she loved.

“I promise to never leave your side, love you till I breathe my last” and more were the words of promises coming out of his mouth before I agreed to say yes. Saying yes or no was not really the problem, I was just trying not to fall into the wrong hands once again because once I love, I give all.

lady sheds tears

So, everything was absolutely fine and I never for once regretted dating him not until after he had financial problem. I am not from a poor or a rich family, but I am not suffering and I worked hard to get to where I am today. “He’s in problem and as his woman I am in the right position to help him. His father is late and his mother engages in petty trade to support herself and the family” I said to myself.

Days went by and he seemed more depressed. “I cannot even remember the last time he smiled. What will I do now” I thought. The money in my account was not enough so I decided to take loan so it would be enough to execute his contract. Oh my God! [….cries….] I was an understanding woman and I thought he was, too.
He could not contain his happiness seeing what I did, he just burst into tears and to be sincere I could not hold it, too. We started smiling few minutes later and we kissed passionately.

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So, he got the money and he started the contract. Months later I reminded him of the loan and not my money, he said that would be the first thing when the contract is completely executed.

To cut the long story, I was just home one breezy Saturday evening relaxing when I got a call from Alex saying “ Annabel, the contract has been absolutely executed, and I just want to thank you very much for your support and love. I can only say you are a saint, not all ladies out there would do what you did and I am very grateful. On Monday you will receive the money you borrowed me with the loan you took”. That was relieving because the bank wouldn’t have to confiscate my properties in failure to pay on time. The call continued “ I will be travelling next week, I may not get to see you before I will leave but no matter what happens you are a good person and I want you to keep it up”. Then he ended the call. “That was not romantic at all” I said and I was a bit worried especially the part saying we might not see before he leaves.

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On Monday I got the money and immediately I cleared my debt.
Some weeks later I got a call from a friend asking me where Alex told me he was traveling to. I never asked this question because it escaped my mind totally. ‘Well”, Mary continued ‘Your Alex is getting married in the States next month, third Saturday of next month to be precise” then she hung up. What!! It felt like I was burning. I picked my phone and called Alex. He said “um um Anna, I am really sorry you are a good person and I did this to you, I hurt you badly and I am very sorry. It’s just that I was engaged before I met you”. [cries]. This was a man my heart and all and he did that to me. For months I was not myself but I realized life has to move on, with me sharing it again I feel even more relieved. Thank you

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Did I do anything wrong?

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