Mr Charles Shares How Lack Of Attention Stole His Hearttrob From Him (Must Read)


I was walking on the street and I met this lady, my hearttrob waiting for a cab. I approached her and asked her name after we exchanged greetings. So, since she was waiting for a cab we could not talk I had to collect her digit. That same night I called her and reminded her my name and how I got her number, we then started talking. After some months she called me one day that she needed my help about her relationship which was something happened between her, her boyfriend and her mom. What happened the boyfriend sent her message about love which included sex and unfortunately the phone was with the mother and she read the message. After some minutes he called the number and the mother picked the call and the guy did not know it was the mother that picked up the call and not the girl. He started expressing what he sent again and the mother dumbfounded hung up the call. Few minutes later the girl walked in and she went straight to pick her phone and she saw the message the guy sent. Her mother scolded her so hard that she cried. She told me that her mother has changed to her and she asked me what she would do to gain her mother’s favour again and I advised her and mother became happy with her and from there we became so tight.

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One day she asked about my hearttrob and I told her I was single, that I don’t have time. She said no problem. At a point I started developing feelings for her and she was also feeling for me too but we did not know we were feeling for each other to a point where I could not keep it to a point and I voiced out. She laughed and she said she would think about it. The following day she said yes to me and she also said that she was feeling for me too but she was scared I would turn her down. In a nutshell we became the latest lover in town and I really enjoyed the relationship. She introduced me to her family members, friends and relatives.

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As the relationship was moving we did not really have much time for ourselves due to I spend much of my time in school which was definitely far from her but we talked and had chats still yet it was not really like if we see. This did not stop my love for her, for good three years we did not have the opportunity to see but I did not for once look other ladies because I truly loved her. Little did I know that upon so much love she was already seeing another guy and I was still faithful, and the funniest and annoying part it was up to a year before she opened up to me that she was dating another and the relationship would be a year in days. Tears were rolling my cheeks when she told me this, there was nothing else again I just had to let her go.

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What Bimpe taught me:
When you are in a relationship you should always try to create time for each other. The most precious gift you can give your partner is your attention. If we had time together I may never lose her, even if I would it would not be attention.

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