My Name Is Justine And I Want So Share My Journey So Far About Love (part 2).

My name is Justine and I want to share my journey so far about love (part 2).
This is the continuation of the story i have been sharing with you, my journey so far about love.


about love

What I felt for John was the purest, like I never loved anybody like that before. In fact, I loved him like he was my first love. He was a very caring man, understanding, loving, selfless but he was a chronic smoker. That was no problem at all since he was already planning to quit and I did not see it as something to worry about. We stated dating and every day we were the talk of the camp; at times people would even call me Mrs. John instead of my name. The relationship was rossy and to be sincere I was very happy, I could not be happier.

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Then about a month to leave camp, John started feeling uneasy, I was dead worried but he would not just spill it. On one faithful sunny day he called me to his place, I even thought it was no serious because being called like that was not special. When I got there I met him on his knees crying. I could not say hi I was on the floor because I have never seen him like that before. Then he started talking which I could say was the saddest thing I ever heard.

He began with “Justine, firstly I want to apologize for everything I’m about to say and I want you to know the time I spent with you was the best ever”. I could not take it anymore I was almost crying, please tell me!. He started again saying “I have a wife at home, we are not married yet but she already gave birth to two kids already”. When I heard this I lost consciousness and when I opened my eyes it was on hospital bed… To be continued!!

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Please, stay tuned with my story it’s due to work. See you soon.

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