My Name Is Justine And I Want To Share My Journey About Love So Far (Part 1)


My name is Justine and I want to share with the readers of this platform my journey so far about love. It’s really heartbreaking writing this but it’s all good.

As a girl from a well-fed family I started dating when I was in Jss 1, too early you might say but it was because I was swept off my feet by his cuteness and his high level of IQ. That’s that and even that did not turn out well and even the one after it. When I got to SS3 I met another guy, we dated for months and we parted ways because I caught him cheating. After my WAEC I got into another relationship and this one seemed promising but after 6 months it fell, too. Where I went to write my POST-UTME I met another guy Israel by name; handsome, sarcastic, fun to be with. We started dating in our first semester of 100 level but before we got to second semester we ended the relationship due to some reasons unknown to me, I just noticed we stopped talking. All this while I was not mindful of this and when 200 level started I was already in love again. At this point I started taking note, by that I mean being mindful how the past relationships were like.

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In my last semester of final year I caught this guy with another girl, it was really horrific and the final year was saved by God and my friends. Then I started checking myself if anything was wrong with me or not, and I decided to take a break from relationship and love as a whole. “Love has not been fair to me maybe it’s time to push it aside for a while” I said to myself.

My NYSC was a bomb! I met different people with different experiences and it was just awesome. My months into NYSC I met John, but this time it was natural, by that I meant I did not date him because of his IQ or cuteness, I just loved him naturally. Will he not leave? Will this not end like others? Is going to work out? Were the questions running through my mind… To be continue…!!!

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