My Name Is Justine, And This Is My Love Story (The End).

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My Name Is Justine, And This Is My Love Story (part 3).

When I opened my eyes at the hospital he was the one I saw sitting beside me, I felt like going back or hitting him but I could not because I was very weak. I did not say a word to him and when I was discharged he came to my house. He explained how he made mistake with the first kid and how the second kid happened, he said he was drunk. But how can I be sure of this when I was not there! He went on saying the parents of the girl said he must marry her, that he could not leave her even if he wanted to having given birth to two kids for him. I told him alright and I opened the door for him to go.

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When camp finished on the day he was leaving he came to see me and he said his farewell. I could not cry I just had to bid him farewell too. He was just the best ranging from being caring to the sex and being romantic. “I will miss him but will go on “. I said to myself. I made a mistake which was not asking him about his background and he never bothered to tell me maybe that would have saved the heartbreak.

Three months after I was still thinking about him and I just could not get him off my mind. My friends encouraged me to go to clubs, gatherings, meet new people that it would help me recover. I started doing those and one day when coming from one event, a christening to be precise this guy approached me with his funny accent. I could not laugh.

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We just exchanged number and we started talking, he did not ask me out for months going to a year. Then one day he did and he tendered his feelings, I was surprised but I gave him yes after sometimes. Till today and our relationship is 3 years this year. I really want to settle down I just hope and pray that this should not fall to.

This is end of my love story… I mean my journey so far about love in summary.

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