tie her down

She Asked Me To Do Something To Tie Her Down – John Tells His Love Story

My name is John and I want to share my love story about this lady Hope by name which I met sometimes ago. Actually we met last year May and we started as friends and things getting rosy between us we started dating. I introduced her to my friends, my family. After some months she started showing some crazy attitudes and I later discovered that she was dating another guy named Daniel. I confronted her and she said they were just friends and I believed her.

tie her down

During the Christmas period I went to celebrate with my family and it was this same time that I discovered the truth about her relationship with Daniel and some other guys on campus. After I found the truth, I asked her and she did not deny it and she said “shit happens” that people do that.

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This really broke my heart. Although when we were dating I thought she was the best in the world, because the way she talk, the way we gist, the way we hang out was the romantic thing I ever experienced. And one thing I will never forget in my life is our choir concert day which I dedicated a song for her during Sunday service. After then, she asked me to do something to tie her down so that guys will not be chasing her around again which I did as well. I bought her a ring and I went on my knees to propose and she accepted the ring. This really caused me a lot of pains when she started seeing another guy which I almost had heart problem due to thinking every day. This scenario turned out to be public, people from the church our pastor included had to intervene in the matter.
Well, today she is no longer with Daniel and I am with the same loving lady I met after we broke up.

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