We Stood The Flames And Now We Are As Refined As Gold


My name is Mary, and this is how my man and I stood the flames and at the end refined as gold.
Our love started when I was in my sophomore in one of the famous universities in Nigeria, and he was in 300 level. I don’t want to go into details how the love started but I just want to emphasize how our love withstood every challenge from family, how we stood the flames and came out refined as gold.
By the time I got to 300 level and he was in his finals our love was stronger than anything. Josiah was a very understanding man, brave, selfless, fun to be with and anything good you can say about a man being good. He was not perfect though but I loved him perfectly. We had no problem until I got pregnant. His parents were not too happy though but they were glad that they would see their grandchild soon. My parents were the problem, they would want me finish with education before anything like that would happen.” But the deed has been done and nothing can change it” I told them in one of our serious family discussions. I rejected abortion because I did not want such and my man did not want abortion. They in turn rejected me, I had no support from them at all throughout the pregnancy and my education they said nothing about it.
Josiah was the one running up and down for me, he did not allow me quit my education, he did my assignments, bought my handouts, read them for me at times. He was all I had after God. The burden was much for him and I could feel it but he would never complain. I’m lucky I found you baby! What I tell him every day.
I gave birth before my final exams and my project he did everything for me. He never left me for once. I graduated with second class upper despite having a baby. Now, my family who once rejected now want me around every day. I forgot to mention it earlier, God gave us a baby boy.
Josiah and I are happily married and the baby is now 5. If he was not for him I don’t know where I would be now. I love you baby more than anything!

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