We Met As Strangers And Now She’s The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me


We met as strangers and now every day I wake I thank the good Lord for giving me such an angel. I can’t actually write everything about us here because it can’t be written in millions of words, by that I mean millions of words can’t capture perfectly what we feel for each other, but I will try to be short and precise.

Could you please help me with your pen? I said. And jokingly she said “big boy like you coming to bank without pen, what were you expecting to use when you get here? She asked. I actually lost it on my way here, I replied. She gave me the pen and left in hurry forgetting her second phone on the table she was writing before I walked to her. I did not even notice until the phone started ringing. I took it and saw her picture on the wallpaper then I was sure it was for her. I finished my transactions and made for the entrance. She did not call , “maybe she’s yet to feel the absence of her phone” I said. I was sure she would call so I did not bother calling any number.

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In something like half an hour she called and I said just as expected. She begged for the phone and I told her not problem that she does not need to beg that she should text me her address. I went to her place to give her the phone and she was just super excited to see me. “I don’t know people like you still exist o” she said with smiles on her face. We exchanged number and did I say her smiles melted my soul? It did! From there we got close, so close to the extent we could not go without talking a day. Temilade is such a beautiful, decent, industrious, respectful, ambitious and to cap it all her delicacies are out of this world.

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As our friendship progressed and having seen the kind of woman I talked with every day, six months after I asked her out she said yes. Since then our relationship has been waxing strong every second of the day.

Though there are always challenges but we always see it through. In few months time, Temilade and I, Sunday will be getting married. I thank the Lord for giving me my woman. I hope you find yours too if you have not. I LOVE YOU FOREVER TEMILADE!!!

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